In 1990 everything started here. With the motto "Art becomes value", Doc welcomes artists and technicians and helps them find the most successful paths and dignified treatment.

Creativity is at the core of this network of professionals who are connected through the platform co-op, and it brings together painters, makers, creative and digital artisans, web designers, audiovisuals and social media managers.

The co-op dedicated to artistic education. Over 600 teachers and 470 schools are managed by 30 branches who operate nationwide.

Digital business professionals find their place. Programmers, digital PR agents, analysts looking for self-sufficiency, protection and recognition. With reduced taxes and benefits that give dignity to the network.

It links together organisers, managers and companies with the purpose of supporting the making of artistic events by fulfilling the needs of production, technical operation, safety regulations, managerial aspects and strategic study.

Publishing books and records is not a problem, thanks to the experienced label that works with Veronica Marchi, Luca Bassanese, HAN and many more. Freecom takes care of the whole creative process, from media copies to promotion.

The Italian live music circuit. It embraces over 250 clubs and various festivals, all of which are supportive of legitimate and high quality concerts. A 360-degree experience, which, thanks to Koen and Music Experience, includes Italian clubs abroad and summer festivals.

The entertainment safety experts.

Products and services

Doc Press

A benchmark for journalists and word experts in a world that is moving faster and faster and changing dramatically. Economic recognition and workers' rights are the main objectives.

Doc Crew

The world of technicians: audio and lighting technicians, filming operators, special effects operators, riggers, certified and legitimate scaffolders.

Doc Academy

Entertainment technicians training for Doc Crew members. The best way to broaden your expertise and find new business opportunities.

Doc Drones

Learn how to fly a drone with our ENAC authorised operators and pilots. Insurance and training are included in the price.

Doc Visioni

Specifically intended for film and photography professionals, the co-op works in the fields of workers' rights and bureaucratic management.


The travel agency that provides easy and cost-efficient arrangements for its members, but also vacation planning and car rentals with drivers for everyone. It is the official TicketOne dealer.

Doc Comics and Cartoons

Animated movies and comics professionals will be able to benefit from social security, legal, tax related and contractual services. Fumo di China and Cartoon Club are the key players of this joint venture.


Accounting and tax office for those who are working in the fields of art, culture, knowledge and entertainment.


Knowmark specialises in market research, traditional media and new technologies' integrated solutions and services.

Doc Synchro

High-level audio and video post-production for authors, directors and production companies. Members can work with an orchestra or draw from a high quality library and achieve results worthy of the big and small screens.