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If it is undeclared, you can't call it work


The value behind networks and cooperation


Because only those who know can

Doc is a co-operatively owned business model that facilitates the trade of entertainment, cultural, and creative companies' goods and services, with the purpose of fostering a socially and economically equitable landscape. Doc develops networks and platform co-operatives that emphasize human contribution, the foundation of art and culture.

Doc offers professional management and promotion of creative and technical work, with the right balance between technology, innovation and efficiency. Doc is committed to support legitimate jobs, so that everyone’s work is properly valued.

Our guarantees to you

Seize the opportunity to be part of the largest network of professionals connected through a platform co-operative.

Because the co-op model facilitates the development of synergies within the network

Because payroll taxes favour permanent employees

In every field and nationwide

You will be informed and protected, because our members constitute the core value of the co-op business

We offer tax-reduced compensations on top of a base pay

You will always work in accordance with the protection of worker’s rights

You will keep growing professionally

"First and foremost, Doc is a family, where you can find excellent consultants who are able to resolve any issues that arise. For professionals like me, who have Partita Iva (Italian VAT number), Doc provides an excellent alternative that guarantees the same legal protection and rights of permanent employees."

— Mariligia D.S.