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In 1990, a group of musicians founded the cooperative Doc Servizi to help navigate the challenging entertainment sector in Italy. The combined effect of complex bureaucracy and uncertain working conditions made obtaining rights and social protections difficult.

Today, the cooperative brings together thousands of people who share the same values and goals and passionately dedicate themselves to their craft with freelancer freedom and employees’ protection and benefits. For us, cooperation is not just a way of working but a vision for the future.

Over the years, Doc Servizi has become synonymous with high-quality professionalism and legality, health & safety at work, innovation and research. Always keeping a close eye on rights and protections and committed to obtaining better working conditions, we equally fought for more rights during the emergency caused by the pandemic. We have been at the forefront both in demanding compensation for intermittent workers and pushing for comprehensive reform to remedy the all-too-recurring fragility of the entertainment and events sectors.

The cooperative is a member of the Rete Doc network: with its joint power, it has succeeded in providing members with bureaucratic and administrative support, rights and protections, plus a range of services and opportunities for self-entrepreneurship development. Because the cooperative is everyone’s project.

All Rete Doc professionals enjoy freelancer freedom combined with employee protections and advantages.
Doc Crew

Doc Crew, the largest network of professional technicians in the entertainment industry.

Doc Crew
The Academy for technical jobs in the entertainment business.
Our travel agency, cultural events logistics, business travel and tourism.
Safety training courses and more.
The Academy for technical jobs in the entertainment business.
Drone training.
Planning, certifications, setting up structures, rigging and related training courses.
Truss Design

Solutions for lighting design.

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