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Since 1990, we have run our activities as a cooperative creating a robust network.

We have built innovative tools, platforms and services to provide our members with better advantages and protection. We offer professional management and promotion of creative and technical work for the theatre, the outdoor and circus arts.

We champion safety and legality in the workplace because we believe in the value of work. Professionals can fully devote themselves to their activities thanks to our broad range of services encompassing administrative and contractual management. Our members have the same rights and protections as any employee while maintaining their autonomy. Not only can they benefit from services and tools to simplify their work, but they can also use the network’s companies as project incubators. We champion safety and legality in the workplace because we believe in the value of work.


INPS safety standards compliance (Ex-ENPALS)
Accounting and tax consultancies (contracts, invoicing, credit collection)
Members-only tariff agreements (education, travel, purchase of specialist equipment)
Safety training and refresher courses
Safety management, supply and periodic revision of all PPE
Expense allowance and VAT deductions
Full recovery of board and lodging costs and business travel allowance at ACI’s (Italian Automobile Association) mileage rates
Third-party liability insurance
Touring organisation and advance on travel expenses
Production and performance distribution consultancies
Job opportunities and offers
National and international promotion
Research and facilitation of professional collaborations
Work equipment and structural tests and certifications
Structure design and production support
Doc DB – our dedicated database to market our members’ services

Employment protection


Pay slips

Unemployment benefit (NASPI)

Sick Leave

Maternity and Parental Leave

The tools and services
of the network for self-entrepreneurs


A dedicated Office for Tender and Planning, FUS (Fund for Performing Arts) consultancies.


Our streaming platform with integrated ticketing


Audio and video post-production studio

Doc Live

The production office for your events

Legal Department

Advice and protection for your contractual agreements



Tax and administration for public bodies in the Third Sector (ETS)


Our tour and event management agency


Press Office and Communication consultancies

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