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We have the answer to all your needs: from creativity to safety, training, artistic direction, administrative management, and production.

Our skills and decades-long experience in project planning and execution for the cultural and theatre sectors include theatre programming and management. We support businesses, organisations, public administrations, troupes and the third sector in their activities in this industry. Our specialised services also cover the outdoor arts and the circus. Doc Servizi comprises qualified professionals who are experts in all safety matters: this has always been our mainstay alongside legality. We believe these are essential conditions to value our members’ work.

The cooperative offers all the solutions for integrated in-house planning: creativity, training, artistic direction, administrative management, production, execution and management of small and large-scale events. We search for suitable and highly competent professionals across the profiles on our databases. The cooperative’s dedicated Office for Tendering and Planning supports you in fundraising. Our managers will take your ideas into their trusted hands and turn your vision into reality.

The tools and services of our network

Doc DB

Database with the professional profiles of all our technical and artistic staff.

Technical crew

for audio, video, lighting and production.

Reception and administration tasks

Ushers, security guards and doorkeepers. Admin duties and ticket office.

Health & Safety

Consultancies, appointed Health & Safety Officer, construction supervision, drafting of documentation, design, and certifications.


Planning, certifications, setting up structures, rigging and training courses.

Tender and Planning Office

Project analysis, fundraising, management, consultancy and reports.

Press and communications office

Consultancies and integrated events communication services.

Show Box

The innovative tool for managing events and projects and automatic management control.

Coaching e public speech

Training proposals for managers and teams based on artistic techniques.


Administration and tax management for troupes and third-sector bodies.


Consultancies for the regularisation of entertainment workers.

Logistics and hospitality

Our specialised tour and event management agency.

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