Doc Servizi Manifesto


Technology advancements have profoundly changed every aspect of life around us, opening the way to exciting new opportunities, but not without drawbacks. As every work activity becomes monetised and progressively immaterial, we risk losing the inestimable human value of labour.
In an increasingly interconnected and multicultural world, it is essential to highlight human contribution by balancing technology, innovation, efficiency and inclusion to redistribute the wealth generated more fairly.

All professions should express their potential for growth through cooperative business models as they enhance workers’ competitiveness by protecting their rights and legality. The need is for a collaborative network that provides the necessary environment for every job to express all its worth while ensuring individual self-fulfilment.


Rete Doc offers the cultural, entertainment and creative professions a cooperative business model that increases competitiveness by redistributing the wealth generated more fairly.

Rete Doc develops collaborative networks and platforms to highlight human contribution as the foundation of art and culture.

Rete Doc offers professional management and promotion of creative and technical work, balancing technology, innovation and efficiency. Rete Doc is committed to upholding legality as we strive to uphold the value of work.

Our values

Passion, honesty, sharing, and knowledge.